Social Media Recruitment (New York)

This workshop is specifically designed for recruiters and HR professionals looking to maximize use of social media to recruit top talent. Learn from industry best practice and get up to speed on the latest social media developments to drive real results.

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How you’ll benefit

  • Recruit top talent with marketing-leading understanding of social media tools
  • Master LinkedIn for sourcing candidates and job placements
  • Run targeted ad campaigns within social media
  • Keep ahead of the competition by benchmarking against industry best practice
  • Get up to speed on the key sites and tools to aid social recruitment

Course Overview

The session will provide hands-on techniques for using social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more to source relevant candidates.

A dedicated focus on LinkedIn will help you come to grips with the multitude of ways it can propel the recruitment process. Learn top LinkedIn techniques to promote job placements, source top candidates and headhunt.

Tried-and-tested recruitment strategies will be covered in depth, utilizing the full range of social tools to reach highly targeted professional profiles.

You will leave the day ready to maximize the opportunity social media presents to fast track the recruitment process and drive top results.

9:30: Welcome reception
10:00: Training commences
11:15-11:30: Refreshments
13:00: Lunch
14:30-14:45: Refreshments
16:30: Training closes

Course Program

Social Media Recruitment Strategy

  • Bringing it together: Integrating social media alongside existing recruitment activity
  • Template for success: Key elements required to develop an effective social media recruitment strategy
  • Social media management: Time-saving tools and techniques
  • Prospect targeting: How to best segment your audience online to maximize results
  • Content strategy: How to deliver a varied flow of content to engage prospects


  • Personal Profiles: Developing a coherent strategy of best practice across your employee base
  • Company Pages: Maximizing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn Page
  • Building a network: How to connect with current contacts & targeted industry professionals
  • Status updates: Target your posts by company size, industry, job function, seniority or geography
  • LinkedIn Groups: Establishing a successful, engaged community
  • LinkedIn InMail: Best practice use of LinkedIn’s paid messages to people outside your network
  • Premium subscriptions: Full overview and recommendations for different levels of signup

LinkedIn Advertising

  • Full overview: Detailed guidance on all paid-for recruitment advertising options available on LinkedIn
  • Professional targeting: Target professionals based upon industry field, job title, location and company
  • Copywriting: Tried-and-tested techniques for writing compelling ad copy to drive click-throughs
  • Split-testing: Best practice for maximizing ROI
  • Budgeting: Outline of cost structure and tips for minimizing spend


  • Maximize effectiveness of your Facebook Page: Turning Likes into prospects
  • Driving traffic: Proven techniques for growing a targeted audience on your Facebook Page
  • News Feed optimization: How to maximize visibility in your community’s News Feeds

Facebook Advertising

  • Full overview: Detailed guidance on all paid-for recruitment advertising options available on Facebook
  • Bull's-eye targeting: How to target ads by location, connection, demographic and, importantly, workplace
  • Promoted Posts: Ensure your priority status updates reach a larger audience
  • Copywriting: Draft compelling recruitment ads that drive click-throughs
  • Budgeting: How to plan campaign costs and minimize budget spend


  • Set-up: Effective account strategies for personal and company branding
  • Twitter Pages: Maximize effectiveness of your Page; best practice background design; verified accounts
  • Building a targeted follower base: How to strategically grow a loyal group of active, engaged followers
  • Prospect search: How to find and connect with an audience of high-value prospects
  • Content strategy: Guidance on what to Tweet, frequency and tone of use
  • Productivity: Proven time-saving techniques for managing Twitter activity
  • Twitter advertising: Full overview of paid-for opportunities


  • Getting started: Setting up your blog and guidance on the varied blogging platform options
  • Content strategy: What to write, frequency and tone of use; sourcing news and inspiration for content
  • Post publishing: Search engine optimization (SEO) of headlines and copy content
  • Promoting your posts to prospects: Inspiring influential bloggers to link to your posts


  • Video production: How to creatively produce your own online video content
  • Organic promotion: Hands-on tips for driving views across the web
  • Branded channels: Creating and customizing a branded channel on YouTube
  • Pay-per-view: Overview of paid opportunities on YouTube and other video-sharing sites


  • Technical overview: Understanding Circles, Hangouts and Ripples
  • Maximizing results: How to best establish a presence on Google+
  • Social search: Maximizing use of Google+ to boost online visibility

Measurement & Evaluation

  • Platform specific: Full overview of free proprietary analytics tools available on all social platforms
  • Measurement tools: Advice on the free tools available online for tracking social activity
  • Metrics for success: Tried-and-tested metrics for measuring performance
  • Google Analytics: Advanced techniques to track web traffic and page views
  • Search performance: How to measure impact in search engines
  • Competitor benchmarking: How to gauge your performance with your key competitors and wider industry

Case Studies

  • Best-in-class: Leading US case studies, demonstrating success across a full variety of industry sectors

Hands-on Exercises

  • Active learning: Specially designed class exercises to get you quickly and confidently up to speed

Business Consultancy

  • Tailored discussion: Live consultancy to tackle challenges related specifically to your brand or client

Who Should Attend?

Recruitment Consultants, HR professionals, Recruitment Advertising professionals and Heads of Talent

Course Locations

This course is run in the central city locations outlined in the map below.

Full joining instructions, including final location details and detailed directions, will be shared seven days prior to the event taking place.

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